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The inabit GraphQL API allows you to interact programmatically with inabit's platform, for a variety of use cases:

  • Manage your inabit account, organizations & users.

  • Manage wallets (both inabit & external wallets).

  • Automate transaction flows.

And many other use cases you might think of that can help your business automate its workflow.

Important: Our API is based on GraphQL.

API calls require a valid Access Token for authorizing requests. Before using the API, please make sure that you have a valid token. See below instructions on how you can get it.

The Access Token must be part of HTTP's Authorization header in every call.

⚠️Without a valid Access Token API calls will be denied.

Get your access token

Receive a JWT access token for your inabit account's API Admin user by contacting our support team at

Make your first request

To make your first request, send an authenticated request using the access token. Remember to authorize using the token across all of your future queries and mutations.

Important: Access tokens are valid for 15 hours and will expire afterwards, if you're using an existing token that might've been expired, you'll be unauthorized to call queries and mutations and will need to retrieve a new token from us.

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