Recovery and Backup

Discover what Disaster Recovery means in cryptocurrency and how it works in inabit

What is Disaster Recovery?

In crypto, Disaster Recovery (DR) involves plans and procedures to restore and access digital assets after major disruptions (disasters) like cyberattacks or hardware failures. It includes backup systems, security measures, geographic redundancy, testing, communication plans, and regulatory compliance to ensure the safety and availability of assets in emergencies.

inabit - being a self-custody wallet solution, offers the option to recover digital assets from its wallets.

Disaster Recovery in inabit

inabit offers an organization-based disaster recovery (DR).

In order to fully execute a truely self-custody recovery solution and ensuring the safety of the sensitive files (such as the encrypted wallet.dat file - the file in which all of the mnemonic seed phrases are held encrypted), inabit chose to partner with Vaultinum.

Vaultinum is a trusted independent third party specialized in the protection and audit of digital assets.

Since 1976, they have enabled thousands of digital creators, digital businesses and tech investors secure their innovations by providing solutions to:

  • Protect their Intellectual Property with IP Deposit and IP Audit.

  • Ensure the continuity of their business activity with Software Escrow.

  • Mitigate cyber and software risks through in-depth Technology Due Diligence (KYS-Know Your Software).

  • Create an unforgeable proof of date and time of event with our Certified Time-stamping solution.

With secure servers based in Europe, ISO 27001 certification, and a unique double expertise in IT and legal, their clients benefit from the highest levels of security and protection for all their sensitive assets.

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