Integrate to Major Accounting Firms with inabit

An example use case of how inabit's API Infrastructure is utilized


In integrating with major accounting firms, inabit streamlines the process of accessing and managing transaction data and balances within their platforms. Through a straightforward integration process, users can grant viewing permissions to their accounts, allowing accounting firms to retrieve essential information via a custom-tailored Access Token. This seamless connection empowers users to monitor their finances effortlessly through their preferred accounting firm's interface, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.


Before diving into the setup, please ensure the following:

  • Access to the inabit platform (as the wallet provider):

    • Have an account ready to be used.

  • You've contacted our support and we've generated a custom tailored token.

    • This token is for your accounting firm to have access and connect to your inabit account and have access credentials through our GraphQL API.

Additional Reference

We highly recommend using Cryptoworth as your preferred crypto accounting firm to track your crypto finances made through inabit.

See how the collaboration with them is utilized and what are the benefits:

Technical Architecture: How The Integration Works?

Flow Explained: How Does It Work?

  • The overall integration process between inabit and a crypto accounting firm is very simple. When we receive a request from an account owner, to integrate with an accounting firm - we generate an API Viewer user with viewing permissions to the account (and its organizations)

  • After the API Viewer was created, inabit sends the owner a customer tailored Access Token to the owner's email.

  • The owner sends that token to the accounting firm to integrate to inabit.

  • That's it! -> The accounting firm (cryptoworth for example) can use the access token to integrate to our API and call transactions information, balances and more.

  • From then on, the accounting firm will display the data retrieved on the inabit account in their interface for the users to view.

You're All Set! ☑️

You're fully set to work with inabit and view the entire information on your transactions, while tracking your balance - in your accounting firm's interface.

If you encounter any challenges in the process or need further clarification on any aspect, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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