Which blockchains & protocols inabit currently supports

inabit supports major blockchain protocols (mainnet) and nearly limitless digital assets in its system. This page gives an overview of all of the blockchains we support.

Supported functions

Not all blockchains function identically, so we support different features depending on the technical constraints of each blockchain. In the table below, you can compare which broad feature sets are supported on which blockchains.

The table does NOT include ALL supported features on each blockchain. It is simply an overview the general supports in standards and basic blockchain compatibility.

The list below is relevant only for inabit native wallets.

If you connected an exchange, all of its blockchains and assets are automatically supported in inabit.


✓ (Acceleration using CPFP)

✓ (ERC-20 + ERC-1155)

✓ (TRC-20 + TRC-10)

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