Which exchange connections inabit currently supports


inabit exchange connectivity enables you to connect exchange main accounts, allowing the following functionalities:

  • Funding exchange wallets: Deposit, withdraw and rebalance between your connected accounts.

  • Monitor wallet balances: Monitor assets, balances, and transactions for your connected accounts.

  • Send funds anywhere: Transfer to any other wallet / address (whitelisted/non-whitelisted).

Transfers from exchanges to some destination addresses may require additional configuration in the exchange API settings/management.

All the exchanges connected to your inabit organization appear in the wallets page and are apart of your organization balance once connected.

Assets held on the exchange are included and shown in your wallet balance.

Exchange Account/Wallet Types

Main accounts

The primary account serves as the default gateway on the exchange platform. It acts as the central hub for inabit and other exchanges, exclusively facilitating deposits and withdrawals.

Depending on the exchange, you may need to whitelist destinations on the exchange to be able to withdraw to wallets and/or other destinations.


This feature is currently not supported in inabit.

Sub-accounts in exchanges refer to separate accounts created within a single user account. These accounts are often used to organize and manage different trading strategies, portfolios, or assets independently.

Trading accounts

This feature is currently not supported in inabit.

Trading accounts in exchanges are the primary accounts created by users to engage in buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies or other financial assets. They serve as the main interface for conducting trading activities on the exchange platform.

Supported Exchanges





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