Hierarchy in inabit

inabit Account Hierarchy

This page clarifies the relationships between accounts, organizations, and users within the Inabit system.

Key Terms:

  • Account: Represents a single entity that uses the Inabit system.

  • Organization: A group of users that belong to the same account. An account can have multiple organizations.

  • User: An individual who has access to the Inabit system and belongs to a specific organization. An organization can have multiple users. A user can be associated with multiple organizations as well.


  • One account can have many organizations (1:N).

  • One organization belongs to one account (N:1).

  • One organization can have many users (1:N).

  • One user belongs to one organization (N:1).


  • Inabit Corporation (Account)

    • Marketing Department (Organization)

      • User1 (Marketing Manager)

      • User2 (Social Media Specialist)

    • Sales Department (Organization)

      • User3 (Sales Representative)

      • User4 (Account Manager)

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