Use inabit to Build an Exchange

An example use case of how inabit's API Infrastructure is utilized


The following guide provides a comprehensive explanation on leveraging inabit's wallet infrastructure and building an automated transactions flow, as you would expect in an exchange.

As a provider of a secured wallet infrastructure, Inabit is committed to simplifying processes for exchanges such as yours. This manual will guide you through integrating and managing your digital wallet operations effortlessly, prioritizing security, effectiveness, and adaptability.


  • Have an API Admin user created for your organization in inabit.

  • Access to the inabit platform (as the Exchange):

    • Have an account ready to be used.

    • Create an inabit "Withdrawals" wallet via the platform's UI for your withdrawal operations.

      • This wallet will serve as the funding route for the exchange users withdrawals.

    • Create an additional API wallet and deposit funds to it for fee/gas:

  • Necessary access permissions setup.

    • Eligible roles - Owner / Admin / API Admin / API Signer

🚧 One-time Must-Have Setup:

Please ensure that you complete the Approvals Docker Configuration and execute the API signer Setup as a one-time prerequisite. Once this step is accomplished, you will be able to create your API wallets and addresses as needed.

Additional Reference

We highly advise taking a look at the following guides as you develop your crypto clearing application with inabit:

  • API Login Access / Authentication

  • Create Transfer Requests in API

  • Create API wallet addresses

  • Remote & Automatic Approvals (Docker Configuration)

  • Automate Signing Transactions

  • Receive Webhooks on Transaction Events

Technical Architecture: How The Integration Works?

Flow Explained: How Does It Work?

  • TBD

Congratulations! 🎉👏

Your exchange's wallets & operations infrastructure is operational, functional, and secure!

If you encounter any challenges in the process or need further clarification on any aspect, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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