How to retrieve a JWT access token to perform queries and mutations in our GraphQL API

Accessing inabit API

In order to access our API capabilities and authenticate queries and mutations, you must create an API Admin.

Note - You can also decide to create an API Viewer. Doing so you will only allow you to receive API capabilities of a Viewer.

About API User Roles

Feel free to visit our user roles explanation page in the documentation to learn more about the API roles in the inabit platform, as well as the rest of the roles existing in inabit.

pageUser Roles in inabit

How to create an API Admin?

  • Contact inabit's support at to retrieve a JWT access token for you with admin permissions.

  • The token has access to all relevant mutations and queries in our schema.

Import to remember: Access tokens are valid for 15 hours once they're created. if you're using an existing token that might've been expired, you'll be unauthorized to call queries and mutations and will need to retrieve a new token again.



These are the headers you insert when you authenticate to our GraphQL API root endpoint. You will always have to pass an authorization Bearer (token) for access to our queries mutations and webhooks (subscriptions) service.





Bearer <token>

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