This page explains the concept of Accounts in the Inabit system. An account represents a single entity that uses the Inabit platform. This could be an individual, a company, or any other type of organization. Each account has its own unique identifier and is the top level of the Inabit hierarchy.

Key functionalities:

  • Create and manage organizations within the account.
  • View and manage user access and permissions.
  • Access administrative functionalities for the account.
  • Billing and subscription information are all based on the account. (account-level)


  • An account can have many organizations (1:N).
  • Organizations within an account share access to certain resources and settings.
Additional Information:
  • You can find information on creating and managing accounts in the Account Management API documentation: link.
  • For details on available permissions and roles, refer to the User Management section of the API reference.